Exhibition Management

We take exhibitions and trade shows to the next level

Ready to elevate your exhibition game? Our team will work with you every step of the way, from carefully selecting the perfect venue to designing the ideal exhibition space, coordinating logistics, and driving targeted exhibitors and delegates through effective promotion. Leave your audience buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm!

Exhibition Management During event

Every Detail Covered

Our sponsorship expertise helps you capture your desired market


We utilize a range of analytical tools and methods to deeply analyze your industry, including market trends, exhibitor behaviors, and competitor activities to capture promising leads.


Our sponsorship team is singularly dedicated to increasing the profitability of your exhibition. We identify new leads, optimize pricing models, negotiate the best deals, and ultimately maximize revenue.


We create data-driven strategies and targeted propositions based on industry intelligence and market segmentation to bring the right exhibitors and delegates to your event.


We evaluate the interests, performance, and feedback of exhibitors and delegates throughout the event journey to foster long-term partnerships and the growth of your business.

Expert sponsorship team analyzing industry trends, optimizing pricing models, and fostering long-term partnerships

We promote your exhibition in the industry

Effective marketing strategies for increased visibility and reach of exhibitions

More visibility, more reach

At DiaEdu, we understand the importance of creating noise in the industry to ensure the success of your exhibition. That’s why we employ a range of promotion strategies to market your exhibition to the wider industry. Our marketing efforts include email campaigns, social media management, targeted advertisements, and search engine optimization, all designed to reach your desired exhibitors and delegates. We also leverage our extensive network to help spread the word and connect with potential stakeholders in the industry. With our comprehensive marketing strategies, we ensure that your exhibition gets the exposure it needs to attract the right audience and drive engagement and participation throughout the event.

Transform your exhibition with our lead scanning app

From new leads to new businesses

Technology is revolutionizing how businesses run on the exhibition floor. In today’s cutthroat market, lead retrieval solutions are an essential tool for measuring results. These solutions can help everyone at the exhibition – organizers can generate additional funds, exhibitors can increase their ROI, and delegates can network more conveniently. With a super advanced dashboard and smart features that’ll make your exhibitor’s life a breeze at the event, our lead scanning app is the real deal. Exhibitors can easily retrieve data, schedule meetings, rate conversations, share sales material, and more, all in real time. Crafted with the goal of boosting efficiency, our platform is the ultimate solution for streamlining lead management processes and boosting conversion rates on a single platform.

Advanced lead retrieval app streamlining lead management and boosting conversion rates

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Creating the right floor plans for your exhibition

Space management is no more a puzzle

When executed correctly, a well-designed floor plan can produce exceptional outcomes for your exhibition. Our scientific approach to floor planning enables us to mitigate the common pitfalls of a poorly designed layout, including restricted spacing and limited booth exposure. With our expert guidance, your exhibitors are sure to achieve maximum satisfaction and ROI. Our team specializes in creating detailed, interactive, and innovative floor plans that take every detail into account, from traffic flow to strategic exhibitor placement and beyond. Whether you’re looking to create a large-scale trade show or a more intimate exhibition, we’ve got the skills to deliver a flawless event, ensuring a positive and engaging experience for all.

Our supplier relations are highly valued

Source all your needs under one roof

Our aim is to take your worry out of managing event logistics. We collaborate with a diverse network of suppliers and vendors who offer top-notch services at competitive prices. Our trusted partners work alongside us to ensure that every aspect of the event runs smoothly and meets the needs of exhibitors and delegates alike.

DiaEdu team collaborating with trusted suppliers and vendors for seamless event logistics

Your Partners at a Glance

Venue Management

Securing and managing the venue, negotiating contracts, and coordinating logistics such as venue set-up, parking, and catering

Booth and Exhibit Design

Working with vendors to design, build, and install shell schemes, interactive kiosks, and custom booths for exhibitors

Staging and AV Services

Coordinating audiovisual equipment rentals and technical support for presentations, demos, and other activities

Shipping and Logistics

Managing the shipping, customs clearance, storage, and handling of exhibition materials and ensuring they arrive on time

Printing and Advertising

Producing marketing materials such as brochures, posters, flyers, roll-ups, backdrops, and other promotional items

Attendee Management

Providing hardware and software support for registration system, managing the registration process, and tracking attendance


Recruiting and managing hostesses to help with various tasks such as registration, customer service, cleaning, and technical support

Security and Safety

Coordinating with security personnel and ensuring the safety and hygiene of delegates, exhibitors, and their materials from any incidents

Management Accounting

Recording and managing budgets, tracking expenses, and ensuring that vendors and suppliers are paid on time

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